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Countly Application Performance Monitoring solution

Performance Monitoring provides you a deeper understanding of your app performance (Android, web and iOS) and lets you optimize its performance. The Performance Monitoring SDK collects data from your application and the Countly dashboard visualizes this data so that you can review and analyze your applications performance. With this tool you can find performance issues within your application and fix them for better user experience.

How to dive into behavioral analysis by grouping your users via cohorts

A cohort is a group of users that share certain event together for a certain period of time (for example: users who make payment for the first time in the last 30 days, or added 7 friends in the last week). In other words, a cohort is a group of people with similar behavioural characteristics. Cohorts let you group your users based on their actions, such as who performed add to cart event in the last 7 days but didn’t perform checkout event. List of users who belong in a cohort is automatically kept up-to-date, and you can segment funnels, retention, user profiles, flows and drill data based on cohorts you create.

Track goal completion rates in your mobile app by using Funnels and discover user activities

Funnels are used to track the goal completion rates of a step by step path inside your application. These goals (steps) are defined as custom events in Countly and you don't need any extra/new API calls if you have already been using custom events. Countly Drill is advanced segmentation feature, available with Enterprise Edition. Drill can be very powerful when it comes to understanding segmented data. This video provides more information and shows how to use Countly Funnels and Drill.

A/B testing with Countly Product Analytics Platform

A/B Testing plugin lets you experiment with different variants of your remote configuration variables to find the best performing variant based on your goals. You can then roll-out the winning variant to all your users. You can take advantage of all your default/custom user properties and user actions (such as sessions, views, custom events etc.) while building the target audience for your experiment.