ThoughtSpot and Databricks Partner to Deliver the Modern Analytics Cloud for the Data Lakehouse

ThoughtSpot and Databricks Partner to Deliver the Modern Analytics Cloud for the Data Lakehouse

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — May 18, 2021 — ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, today announced a partnership with Databricks to help customers make data and the results from AI and machine learning actionable for every business person with search and AI-driven analytics. The partnership includes the launch of ThoughtSpot for Databricks, giving joint customers the ability to run ThoughtSpot search queries directly on the Databricks Lakehouse, powered by Delta Lake, without the need to move any data. 

Organisations today have to deliver personalised, custom experiences at every touch point. Doing so requires them to put machine learning, AI, and data in the hands of employees, customers, and partners. The static dashboards that have defined analytics for a decade don't meet the needs of the majority of non-technical business people. The complexity to build these dashboards and lack of interactivity requires business people to rely on data professionals for every additional follow up question. This prevents companies from empowering their teams, customers, and partners with actionable insights from these investments. It's critical business users can interact directly with their data without days of technical training. 

The partnership between Databricks and ThoughtSpot changes this paradigm. Companies can bring ThoughtSpot's intuitive consumer-grade analytics experience to users so they can engage directly with their data and models in Databricks. Connecting to Delta Lake on Databricks only takes a few clicks, and then users can begin searching to answer their own data questions. They can drill down infinitely to get granular insights, leverage one-click AI analysis to uncover trends and anomalies in their data, and search to tap into AI and ML workflows. These insights can be utilised to write back to source applications to operationalise insights and drive actions, or be used to build entirely new interactive data apps on top of Delta Lake. 

With ThoughtSpot and Databricks, customers can: 

  • Uncover insights on Databricks' Lakehouse with search & AI. With ThoughtSpot, customers can unearth powerful insights from Databricks SQL through a simple search, or use AI to automatically uncover insights without even asking a question.
  • Build interactive data apps. Product leaders and developers can build data apps, products, and services with ThoughtSpot Everywhere and embed powerful data apps on top of Databricks, powered by Databricks SQL and Delta Lake, enabling organisations to serve internal customers and monetise data with consumer-grade native apps. 
  • Make AI and ML more consumable. Insights and predictions from machine learning workloads built in Databricks can be accessed through natural language search, getting them into production with business users more quickly than ever. 

When asked on why technologies like Databricks and ThoughtSpot present an opportunity, Darren Pedroza, Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics, First Command Financial Services, said "at First Command, we are going through a full agile transformation, from our CEO all the way through the organisation to developers and operations staff. That's a tremendous amount of change in how you do work. We're saying that we've really got to modernise the endpoints with our clients and the exchanges with our partners."

"ThoughtSpot's advantages in ease of use, agility, and granularity are the perfect pairing for the scale and intelligence of Databricks," said Seann Gardiner, SVP Business Development, ThoughtSpot. "With this partnership, our customers can experience the benefits of consumer-grade analytics on their lakehouse, increasing the impact of their investments in data, analytics, and machine learning to their entire team."

"At Databricks, we want to ensure that actionable insights from an open, scalable lakehouse platform are accessible to every business user," said Pankaj Dugar, Vice President of Product Partnerships at Databricks. "Our work with ThoughtSpot gives customers a fundamentally new way to leverage data in the Databricks Lakeshouse, build applications, and turn AI and ML models into tangible business value." 

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