4 Ways to Leverage User Analytics in Moesif

4 Ways to Leverage User Analytics in Moesif

Jan 15, 2022

Being able to view, track, and action user metrics is a crucial part of monitoring your product and organization health.

Moesif empowers developers and product owners to leverage these metrics to give valuable insights into individual users, conversion funnels, retention, and user composition. In this clip, Matt will give a brief overview of 4 essential features in Moesif. These include:

Using the User Lookup screen and creating a saved cohort
Creating a user funnel to track conversions in the User Funnels screen
Creating a retention analysis in the User Retention screen
Exploring your products user base through the User Composition screen

By the end of this overview, you will understand and know how to use each of these features with your metrics in Moesif.