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How To Create a User Funnel in Moesif

User Funnels allow businesses to analyze how individual users are using and converting within their product. Funnel metrics can show how many users are converting through each stage of the funnel and the average time it takes to do so with beautiful graphs and insightful statistics. Join Dylan as he shows users how to set up a conversion funnel analysis in Moesif by leveraging the User Funnels feature.

How To Use Saved Cohorts in Moesif

Saved Cohorts are the driving force behind many features in Moesif such as Dynamic Sampling, Behavioral Emails, and Governance. Saved Cohorts are dynamic lists of users (or companies) that match a defined criteria. Cohort notifications can enable your teams to be notified the minute users start experiencing problems. In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how to set up a simple Saved Cohort, enable notifications, and take a peek at the incredible features that take advantage of Saved Cohorts like Dynamic Sampling, Behavioral Emails, and Governance.

How To Use Static Alerts In Moesif

Using alerts can add a lot of value for your team, product, and users. Static alerts work well when the threshold is constant and predictable. Creating a dynamic alert can be done in a matter of minutes, instantly levelling-up your API monitoring strategy. Join Dylan as he shows users how to create Static Alerts within Moesif. In this tutorial, we will cover how to: Powerful API analytics, a perfect companion for your API Gateway, is only a few moments away.

How To Use Dynamic Sampling in Moesif

Join Dylan as we show users how to create Dynamic Sampling rules within Moesif. In this tutorial, we will cover how to: Dynamic sampling is a fantastic cost-savings feature available to customers on our Enterprise plan. Dynamic sampling enables you to control which API calls are logged to Moesif based on customer or API behavior. Moesif will intelligently extrapolate metrics for accurate reporting even with multiple sample rates in place. That means that no matter what rules or sample rates you have set up you can be sure you are still seeing an accurate representation of your data.

Streamlining Platform Engineering and Operations to Maximize Impact

Join Derric Gilling, CEO at Moesif, panel host Budha Bhattacharya, Product Evangilist at Tyk, and Kin Lane, Chief Evangilist at Postman, as they discuss streamlining platform engineering and operations to maximize impact. At this in-person Meetup at the Moesif headquarters, the panel discusses the efficiency goals that can be set within your company, the difference between DevOps and Platform Engineering, and how platform engineering can level up your organization.

Moesif Platform and Feature Overview

Join us for this guided platform overview and learn how Moesif can help you gain insights into your API. Matt will take you on a comprehensive tour of the Moesif platform - an API analytics solution that empowers businesses with product insights and offers a suite of tools to enhance the developer experience, accelerate product decisions, and inform customer success teams.