How to Align API Metrics to Business Objectives

How to Align API Metrics to Business Objectives

Jun 7, 2024

Join Matt Tanner, Head of Developer Relations at Moesif, for a deep-dive webinar on aligning API metrics with your business objectives. In this session, you'll learn how to move beyond traditional infrastructure metrics like uptime and latency and instead focus on metrics that drive customer value and business growth, such as adoption, engagement, and retention.

Matt shares actionable insights on:

  • Treating APIs as products to maximize their strategic impact.
  • Mapping the customer journey from acquisition to value creation.
  • Measuring meaningful API engagement and retention.
  • Utilizing user attributes and data analysis for deeper insights.
  • Practical tips for guiding customers to realize value and ensuring API success.

This webinar is perfect for product managers, developers, and business leaders looking to enhance their API strategies and drive significant business outcomes.

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