Accelerate the Data Analytics Life Cycle with Unravel

Accelerate the Data Analytics Life Cycle with Unravel

Oct 12, 2023

Organizations want to get faster value from AI/ML. In order to do that, they need to go through a data lifecycle -- from data ingestion, curation and refinement, to production data pipeline development and deployment, and then model creation and model deployment.

With this in mind, Unravel is hosting a live event to help you quickly go from start to finish. This is your opportunity to learn how you can leverage Unravel’s purpose-built AI to accelerate your full data lifecycle.

Watch this recording on how to accelerate time to value throughout the data lifecycle. You'll hear from Clinton Ford and special guest speakers, Sanjeev Mohan, Principal at SanjMo, Subramanian Iyer, Unravel Training and Enablement Leader and Databricks SME, and Don Hilborn, Field CTO at Unravel.

In this 1 hour virtual event, you will learn how to:

  • Accelerate the data lifecycle from bringing in raw data to delivering revenue-generating insights
  • Predict service and unit costs to achieve business metrics and ROI goals
  • Empower engineers to take action with AI that is purpose-built for Databricks, Snowflake, BigQuery and other modern data stacks

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Virtual Event Summary

00:00 Welcome

01:04 Roundtable perspective: What is driving the demand for faster data life cycles?

11:01 Roundtable perspective: When it comes to generative AI, what is the key differentiator that makes one product better than another?

17:23 Roundtable perspective on data: unstructured, semi-structured, streaming

37:13 Sanjeev Mohan gives his perspective on how to shift left

39:17 Unravel Data demo with Don Hilborn48:09 Q&A Session

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