AMA with the k6 Champions Part 2 (k6 Office Hours #84)

AMA with the k6 Champions Part 2 (k6 Office Hours #84)

Mar 27, 2023

Did you miss our first AMA with the k6 champions? Do you have k6-related questions that you want to ask? Well, you're in luck! Join Developer Advocates Marie Cruz and Leandro Melendez in this second AMA (Ask Me Anything) Office Hours episode as we chat with two more of our k6 Champions, Jose Luis Latorre and Ioannis Papadakis, to answer your questions, talk about their experiences so far of being a champion, their current activities, and much more.


00:00 Introductions

01:50 Grafana and k6 Announcements

06:09 k6 Champions Program

07:41 Meet Ioannis Papadakis

11:16 Meet Jose Luis Latorre

13:25 What was your motivation for joining the k6 Champions Program?

21:42 k6 Multiscenario Template

26:15 k6 & TypeScript Workshop
31:38: xk6-top extension

34:07 Jose Luis' talk in GrafanaCON (Breaking your REST APIs)

38:27 Ioannis' k6 & TypeScript workshop recording

40:17 What was your mental path in discovering k6?

49:39 Can k6 handle 0Auth2 (Open authorization)?

52:46 Champions' events and conferences

58:13 Advice to people who want to become champions/ambassadors

Contact our Champions

Jose Luis Latorre

Ioannis Papadakis