API Exploration for Designers

API Exploration for Designers

Jun 20, 2023

API design is critical to the success of API products, and API exploration can significantly improve the quality of API designs. In this webinar, Frank and Temil cover the benefits of adopting a specification-based approach and how by leveraging API exploration tools, API designers can deliver high-quality APIs that provide a positive DX for consumers.

0:00 Intro

1:09 Agenda

2:35 What is API Exploration

5:25 API Trends where Exploration helps

9:30 APIs need to be long living

10:10 What is SwaggerHub Explore

11:09 API Execution Gap

13:30 API Designer Challenges

16:26 API Design-First Workflow

19:07 Demo - API Design with examples

26:10 What's next

19:10 QnA