API Exploration for Testers

API Exploration for Testers

Aug 21, 2023

As API testing continues to evolve, testers face challenges that prohibit comprehensive test coverage and hinders their ability to deliver high quality software. API exploration can kickstart a testers API journey before they embark on advanced testing tools for APIs.

This video is designed to equip testers with in-depth knowledge and practical techniques for API exploration, empowering them to enhance their testing efforts and uncover the full potential of APIs.

0:00 Intro

1:23 Agenda

2:15 What is API exploration

5:53 What is SwaggerHub Explore

6:42 Measuring API success

8:21 API testing processes

9:29 The risk of poor quality

10:30 The role of API testers

12:52 Challenges API Exploration addresses

14:50 API Design-First workflow

17:00 Demo
33:57: Roadmap – what’s next

37:35 QnA