App White Labeling Made Easy with Codemagic | Step-by-Step Guide and Demo

App White Labeling Made Easy with Codemagic | Step-by-Step Guide and Demo

Welcome to our tech series! In this episode, Kevin Suhajda introduces Mohammed Babelly, who dives into the world of app white labeling and demonstrates how Codemagic simplifies the process.

App white labeling is crucial for businesses looking to customize their mobile applications and align them with their brand identity. Mohammed walks us through the concept of white labeling and its importance in today's market.

With Codemagic, a powerful continuous integration and delivery platform designed specifically for Flutter apps, white labeling becomes a breeze. Mohammed showcases the seamless integration between Codemagic and Flutter, highlighting its automation capabilities.

Watch as Mohammed takes us step-by-step through the process of white labeling a Flutter app using Codemagic. From uploading custom logos to defining colors and fonts, he shows how Codemagic handles the build configurations and asset replacements effortlessly.

Join us on this educational journey and gain valuable insights into app white labeling and how Codemagic streamlines the process. Don't miss out on this informative demo that empowers developers and businesses alike.

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