Automating Mobile Gestures with Appium

Automating Mobile Gestures with Appium

Mobile applications are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. From ordering clothes to grocery shopping, the services available via an app are increasing rapidly and users expect a seamless experience. This means that the automation focus is shifting more towards mobile devices. 
But did you know that there is a huge difference between interacting with a desktop browser and a mobile app? And that difference is just a few tiny hand motions! Because with desktop browser automation we mainly focus on using our mouse, but on devices we use our fingers to execute all different kinds of gestures, like swipe, scroll, pinch/zoom and many more. Did you know that automating mobile gestures is the most forgotten feature when we look at mobile automation?
The most common reason for this could be that we don’t know how to do it, or because it might just be too difficult. During this webinar, we are going to focus on how to mimic mobile gestures with Appium for Android and iOS. With an example app, we are going to explore how to scroll, swipe, and pinch/zoom by first trying to understand them, and secondly, creating our own cross-platform and cross-device gestures. 
By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to increase the user experience of your mobile application by adding gestures to your automation scripts.

Key takeaways:
How to create your own Appium gestures
Create cross-platform and cross-device gestures
Learn gestures the hard and easy way

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