Behind the Scenes of a Real-Time Pipeline and Game Engine Migration

Behind the Scenes of a Real-Time Pipeline and Game Engine Migration

May 24, 2024

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An international animation studio was halfway through producing a high-profile animated series when they needed a game engine migration from Unity to Unreal Engine. The studio turned to ICVR, a vetted digital production studio known for developing cutting-edge tools and pipelines within game engines. ICVR then designed and deployed a real-time and multi-studio pipeline for the teams with Perforce Helix Core as its foundation.

Get a behind the scenes look at ICVR’s process and learn how to:

  • Automate your studio processes for lighting, rendering, and compositing, including animation and asset export from Maya.
  • Work with Perforce Helix Core to customize pipelines and realize efficiency by giving artists only the assets they need.
  • Setup your infrastructure to solve common problems in real-time production, including data management and archival.

🛠️ Want to Build with ICVR and Perforce?

Perforce and ICVR work with studios to build efficient development pipelines. With the combined experience, tools, and technology of Perforce and ICVR, you can give your team more time to bring your creative vision to life:

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Developing a major multimedia project — like a film, a TV show, or a video game — requires dealing with more complexity than ever before. That’s why we made this playbook. Get 15+ pages of insights and guidance on establishing digital efficiency and streamlining collaboration at your studio here: