Chaos testing with k6, Prometheus, and Grafana (Schrödinger's Pokémon)

Chaos testing with k6, Prometheus, and Grafana (Schrödinger's Pokémon)

Sep 21, 2021

In this presentation, Nicole van der Hoeven talks about what chaos engineering is, what it has to do with testing, and how to run chaos experiments and load tests in the same script, using k6. She also talks about how to set up Grafana and Prometheus for observability during chaos testing.

Deploying an application to production is often like putting a pokémon in a box and hoping it manages to stay alive despite real-world chaos and potential outages. What can we, as testers, do to prepare applications for these situations before they go live? In this talk, Nicole discusses chaos engineering concepts and demonstrates how to apply them by incorporating load tests with chaos experiments and setting up observability tools to watch it all happen. Because without observability, how can we tell whether Schrödinger's pokémon is alive or dead?

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