Compare Current Blog Performance to Previous Periods | Data Snack #15 | HS Marketing, GA & Databox

Compare Current Blog Performance to Previous Periods | Data Snack #15 | HS Marketing, GA & Databox

Jun 2, 2022

Today we are going to talk about blog performance. Managing a blog, whether it is a business one or a personal one, requires commitment. So naturally, you want to see the results of that commitment through clear numbers, from visits to conversions.

This is why tracking the success of your blog over time is so important. You can see whether the changes you make in your strategy and approach have provided you with the desired result or if further adjustments are necessary. The only way to really accomplish this is to be able to see how your blog has progressed over time.

You can see now why it’s so important to track and analyze the performance of your blog. Today we’re going to be building a dashboard together that will help you discover-

  • Blog KPIs you should already be tracking
  • How to use Custom Date Ranges to compare your blog performance over time
  • What you can do to improve some of the key metrics if you are not hitting your goals

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