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Metric Insights by Databox - Unlock Your Metrics Potential

Metric Insights is your new central hub for all things metric performance, helping you to unlock your metrics potential. Regardless of your role, chances are you’re keeping a close eye on a handful of key metrics. Sometimes, that means taking a closer look at a specific metric to help you improve it. Metric Insights can help you do that.

Benchmark Your Metrics in Databox!

🥁 BIG NEWS: Benchmarks now available in the Databox app! Curious about how your results measure up against companies like yours? Using Benchmarks, you will be able to compare your performance to similar companies, identifying where you are ahead and where you fall behind. Now you can benchmark any metric and empower your data-driven insight right in our Databox Analytics app.

New Era of Data Visualization | Advanced Charts | Databox 101

Welcome to the New Era of Data Visualization - Advanced Charts from Databox are here! From sales figures to customer engagement metrics, data plays an important role in helping your business grow. But here’s the catch: without the right visualization, uncovering actionable insights can be a challenge. With our new and improved data visualizations and the updated Dashboard Designer this will now be easier than ever!