Distributed tracing with Grafana k6 x Tempo (k6 Office Hours #70)

Distributed tracing with Grafana k6 x Tempo (k6 Office Hours #70)

Nov 5, 2022

Just announced: distributed tracing with Grafana k6 x Tempo! Daniel González Lopes joins us to talk about what distributed tracing is, and how traces using the Tempo backend could help you troubleshoot your performance issues and improve overall reliability. This new integration was just announced at ObservabilityCon 2022, and Daniel's here to tell us all about it!

Blog post: https://grafana.com/blog/2022/11/03/how-to-correlate-performance-testing-and-distributed-tracing-to-proactively-improve-reliability/
This and other announcements from ObservabilityCON: https://grafana.com/blog/2022/11/02/observabilitycon-2022-announcements

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