FinOps Camp, Episode 2: Starting Your FinOps Journey

FinOps Camp, Episode 2: Starting Your FinOps Journey

Aug 10, 2023

Join SanjMo Principal and Founder Sanjeev Mohan and Unravel VP of Solutions Engineering Chris Santiago as we share five tips to help organizations start their FinOps Journey.

Explore the foundations of Financial Operations (FinOps) practices, processes, and technologies, then see five tips to help you put these into practice so you can assess and improve the cost efficiency of your modern data stack.

Organizations increasingly depend on a diverse set of production-ready data pipelines to power dashboards, enable analytics, and train machine learning models. The emerging discipline of FinOps facilitates team collaboration while increasing data pipeline reliability and performance.

This 1 hour virtual event will help you:

  • Get granular visibility to quickly explore and discover your cloud data spend
  • Learn how to shift cost intelligence left by giving visibility to developers and engineers
  • Encourage collaboration across business, product, DevOps, and data teams

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