Flutter & Codemagic: Manual iOS code signing via Flutter Workflow Editor

Flutter & Codemagic: Manual iOS code signing via Flutter Workflow Editor

QuickTips video: Learn how to manually code sign Flutter apps via Codemagic's Flutter Workflow Editor.

Codemagic allows both manual and automatic code-signing features. When you are ready to distribute the app, you can easily set up CI/CD for the app using Codemagic.

  1. On Codemagic, you can do manual code signing by uploading the certificate and the provisioning profile you downloaded from the Apple Developer Portal. In the Codemagic app, navigate to Settings ➡️ Publish ➡️ iOS code signing ➡️ Manual, and upload your certificate and provisioning profile there.
  2. While building the app with Codemagic, we need to select Release mode so that the app can be distributed to the App Store.
  3. In the Codemagic app settings, under Publish ➡️ App Store Connect, provide your Apple ID and the App-specific password.

Once Codemagic deploys the build artifact to App Store Connect, it will require some time for review. If it follows the , it will get deployed successfully to the App Store. You can follow the same process above to distribute apps to TestFlight.

❗Read more about manual and automatic code signing from this blog post: https://blog.codemagic.io/how-to-code-sign-publish-ios-apps/

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Video is made by Lewis Cianci