Future of Data Meetup: Apache Ozone User Group Summit

Future of Data Meetup: Apache Ozone User Group Summit

Nov 11, 2022

Learn about the recent technical innovations from the Apache Ozone community.

Bucket types and FSO improvements
Speaker: Ethan Rose

The recent release of the Cloudera Data Platform 7.1.8 shipped two key feature improvements for Apache Ozone - the ability to create specialized buckets: object store (OBS) and file system optimized (FSO). The special FSO-enabled bucket now supports atomic renames on file system objects; required for data warehousing workloads like Apache Hive queries to perform efficiently and correctly on underlying storage. Come join us to learn more about how Ozone can now support diverse workloads in cloud-native environments: single storage system with S3 as well as hierarchical file-system capabilities.

Apache Ozone Snapshots - New Design
Speakers: Prashant Pogde, Siyao Meng

Apache Ozone snapshots is a critical innovation currently driven by Cloudera with the active Apache Ozone community. This talk covers the early design goals, architecture of snapshots and results from an early POC. Ozone aims to uniquely provide an object storage solution that enables a consistent point in time view of the namespace with instantaneous snapshot capability and very efficient linear time snapshot diff feature to find out what has changed in your system in between snapshots. Come join us to learn more about how we propose to achieve this.

Apache Ozone Performance
Speaker: Ritesh Shukla

Apache Ozone is a modern object storage that uniquely supports a native S3 interface as well as a Hadoop compatible file system interface. Ozone’s architecture is designed to meet the high performance requirements of diverse workloads while being able to scale to billions of objects and 100s of petabytes of dense distributed storage nodes. The Apache Ozone community invested a significant amount of time to improve performance, both throughput and latency for metadata and data. Moreover, Apache Ozone is built to take advantage of modern storage innovations like NVMe. This talk will provide insights into such improvements while sharing test results for well known benchmarks like TPC-DS.

Near Santa Clara? Sign up to attend in-person: https://bit.ly/3DvoRo6