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Apache Ozone Odyssey | Exploring the Future of Scalable Storage with Apache Ozone.

This collaborative meetup was designed to bring together individuals interested in exploring the basics of Apache Ozone. Expert Ozone developer Nandakumar Vadivelu will guide you through the basics of setting up and configuring Ozone, as well as highlighting its key features and benefits. Begining with an overview of Apache Ozone's fundamentals, diving into its architecture and core components. This session is perfect for those who are new to Ozone or want to explore its potential as a highly scalable and efficient storage solution.

Breaking the ice around Apache Iceberg to drive next-gen analytics

Watch the Apache Iceberg meetup presented by Cloudera and LinkedIn. Learn how you can improve your BI analytical performance with Iceberg. See how easy it is to adopt Iceberg without any disruption to your business. Learn from LinkedIn how they have deployed DBT, Coral, and Iceberg for boosting SQL Workflows.

Streaming Data Pipeline Development

This Meetup will cover how to build applications from some common use cases and highlight tips, tricks, best practices and patterns In this interactive session, Tim will lead participants through how to best build streaming data pipelines. He will cover how to build applications from some common use cases and highlight tips, tricks, best practices and patterns. He will show how to build the easy way and then dive deep into the underlying open source technologies including Apache NiFi, Apache Flink, Apache Kafka and Apache Iceberg.

ThoughtSpot Generative AI Meet-up - June 2023

Generative AI has created a pivotal moment in our industry. Every company trying to figure out their strategy on how to leverage Generative AI, startups, and big companies alike. Sven Strohband, Partner and Managing Director at Khosla Ventures will talk about what he is seeing among the set of companies he advises.

Streamlining Platform Engineering and Operations to Maximize Impact

Join Derric Gilling, CEO at Moesif, panel host Budha Bhattacharya, Product Evangilist at Tyk, and Kin Lane, Chief Evangilist at Postman, as they discuss streamlining platform engineering and operations to maximize impact. At this in-person Meetup at the Moesif headquarters, the panel discusses the efficiency goals that can be set within your company, the difference between DevOps and Platform Engineering, and how platform engineering can level up your organization.

Kuma Gateway API: Your Secret Weapon for Multi-region and Universal API Connectivity | #kuma

🐻 In this episode of #kongbuilders @ViktorGamov , a principal developer advocate at kong, talks to Mike Beaumont, Software Engineer at @KongInc about deploying a mesh spanning multiple regions and using Kong Mesh’s built-in, Envoy-based Gateway for directing traffic.

Future of Data Meetup: Rapidly Build an AI-driven Expense Processing Micro-service with a No-code UI

Discover how you can quickly leverage the no-code NiFi UI to design flows for processing expense receipts with AWS Textract AI and run them in a serverless environment with Cloudera DataFlow Functions on AWS Lambda.