Future of Data Meetup: Nice to Meet You, NiFi!

Future of Data Meetup: Nice to Meet You, NiFi!

Apr 21, 2021

You asked for and we are delivering the third in our “Hello:“ series of introductory “Big Data” topics. Our next meetup covers using Apache NiFi.

Lots of people want to be a data scientist... but what good is machine learning, artificial intelligence or advanced analytics if you don’t have data? Getting data is incredibly important, but getting data in real time or near real time helps you give near real time insight.

There are plenty of tools out there that help you get and curate data, and each have their place in the streaming ecosystem. NiFi (short for Niagara Files) gives you the capability to ingest data in real time, incremental batch and batch all while giving the user an easy to configure and connect drag and drop processor development user interface.

The purpose of this MeetUp is to go over the basics. How does NiFi work? How do I build a Flow? From what sources can I get data? Where can I push the data? How do I transform the data before putting somewhere?

So come join us as we give a truly 101-level talk on Apache NiFi!