Getting Started: FinOps for Your Modern Data Stack

Getting Started: FinOps for Your Modern Data Stack

May 4, 2023

Increase data pipeline reliability and efficiency to achieve business impact

Data is a key enabler of digital transformation, yet organizations struggle to manage cloud data costs. FinOps is a cultural shift that integrates financial accountability into cloud operations.

Join FinOps Foundation Director of Cost Optimization Lindbergh Matillano and Unravel Data Director of Product Marketing Clinton Ford to improve the cost efficiency of your modern data stack using FinOps best practices.

In this virtual event, you will:- See how innovative organizations leverage the FinOps Framework, FinOps Principles, and FinOps Maturity Model.- Understand how to apply lean and agile methodologies of DevOps to DataOps.

  • Gain insights from FinOps experts to simplify and accelerate each phase of the DataFinOps lifecycle–from observability to optimization and governance.

Video highlights:

00:00 Intro

01:32 Overview of FinOps

02:39 The hidden costs of cloud adoption

09:31 Why observability matters

11:02 How FinOps empowers data teams

12:04 How to maximize business results

13:21 FinOps success stories

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