How to Conduct a Thorough Landing Page Analysis | Data Snack #14 | Hubspot Marketing & Databox

How to Conduct a Thorough Landing Page Analysis | Data Snack #14 | Hubspot Marketing & Databox

Apr 12, 2022

Today we’re talking landing pages—whether you’re investing time and resources into content and SEO or rely heavily on paid search and paid social, all that website traffic won’t mean much if the landing pages you’re driving traffic to aren’t converting well.

Because landing pages are so important, in this Data Snack we’re going to be building a dashboard together that will show you how to discover-

  • How well your landing pages are converting overall
  • Your most successful landing pages, split up by your end goal, which will help you figure out what’s working
  • And how to create a visual pipeline view of how your landing pages are performing at each stage of the customer journey, from site visitor to buyer, so that you can identify where the holes in your proverbial bucket are

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