How to trigger remote jobs with Jenkins | Xray Enterprise

How to trigger remote jobs with Jenkins | Xray Enterprise

Oct 3, 2023

👉Learn how to use Remote Jobs Trigger to configure your CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins, trigger Playwright tests, and ingest the result back to Xray Enterprise.

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✅Stop the automation silo and allow all team members to participate in test automation directly from Xray with just 1-click. Trigger remote jobs for automated tests directly from an Xray Test Plan or Test Execution to fully centralize your testing. Reduce wasted time and the overhead from switching between multiple tools by automating the test process and reporting results.

  • Have multiple configurations available to expand the options available to the tester when triggering the build
  • Supports the biggest CI/CD platforms on the market
  • Perform automation with speed and efficiency
  • Allow non-technical users to perform automation

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