How Twitter maximizes performance with BigQuery

How Twitter maximizes performance with BigQuery

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How does a tweet go from one person to hundreds of millions of people? How does the data process so quickly? In this episode of Architecting with Google Cloud, Priyanka chats with Gary and Saurabh from Twitter about how data from over 200 million users goes through the Twitter data center and Google Cloud. Watch along and learn how data stored across tens of thousands of BigQuery tables in Google Cloud runs millions of queries each month.


0:00 - Intro

1:39 - How does Twitter process data?

2:20 - How does Twitter’s data get to Google Cloud?

3:34 - Twitter’s data migration architecture

4:40 - Use cases for BigQuery at Twitter

6:00 - How does Twitter manage storage?

7:49 - How does Twitter organize data?

10:31 - Data storage hierarchy & provisioning

12:06 - How does Twitter secure & monitor data?

13:24 - Twitter’s challenges for data at scale

14:21 - BigQuery at Twitter

15:10 - Wrap up

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