Implementing a Single Framework for API and UI Testing 1

Implementing a Single Framework for API and UI Testing 1

Feb 26, 2019

Test automation for both the API and UI layers is a must-have skill in 2019. APIs are inescapable in today's software architecture - acting as the glue to link together disparate data to provide a wide variety of services for users on one digital platform. API testing is truly the sweet spot of testing modern software applications to exponentially increase their test coverage, testing thousands of scenarios in a matter of seconds.

However, testing solely at the API layer only covers part of the potential risks for companies. API testing is designed to be efficient, enabling QA teams to test every combination in a business logic, while UI testing is the only way to ensure the data from a user's perspective gets accurately translated to the API.

Building a single test automation framework perfectly marries two sides of the house -- API and UI -- for faster development cycles. A single framework enables support for both SOAP and REST API test automation and UI test automation so software testers can combine, manipulate, and validate all functional test scenarios with best-in-class products and then, easily execute tests with a the same interface for your continuous delivery pipeline.

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