Keep Calm and Code On

Keep Calm and Code On

Welcome back to Test Case Scenario! Stress plagues us all, and it is no different for those working in software development. In this mental health-focused episode, we look at the many layers that cause anxiety and stress any why these software-related stress stories are so common across various companies. Join host Jason Baum and our panel Evelyn Coleman and Marcus Merrell as they discuss dealing with anxiety and how to best navigate stress in your professional life.

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0:00 - Intro

1:44 - Day-to-day stress

3:40 - Quality Assurance stress

4:40 - Marcus Merrell’s way of coping with stress

6:15 - DevOps with QA and Development

7:30 - Work culture shifts

8:50 - Marganilized communities and environmental factors

11:13 - Leadership Positions

16:40 - Why haven't we fixed DevOps?

19:35 - How do you deal with stress? Let us know!