Moesif Platform and Feature Overview

Moesif Platform and Feature Overview

Mar 13, 2023

Join us for this guided platform overview and learn how Moesif can help you gain insights into your API. Matt will take you on a comprehensive tour of the Moesif platform - an API analytics solution that empowers businesses with product insights and offers a suite of tools to enhance the developer experience, accelerate product decisions, and inform customer success teams.

Get to know the core features of Moesif, including reporting, alerting, and dashboards, alongside some specialized features like behavioural emails, governance, and metered billing. Discover how Moesif allows you to gain deeper understanding into customer behavior and usage patterns, enabling you to build better products and improve API performance.

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0:00 What is Moesif?

1:01 Dashboards Overview

3:45 Features of the Moesif Platform

10:40 Live Event Log

14:15 Metrics: Time Series

17:12 Metrics: Segmentation

19:43 Metrics: Geo Heatmap and Smart Diff

20:21 Saving a Metric Report as a Dashboard

21:20 Embed Templates

24:20 Users and Companies

27:18 User and Company Reports: Funnels

31:10 User and Company Reports: Retention

36:05 Alert Rules: Static and Dynamic Alerts

41:32 Behavioral Emails

44:54 Governance Rules

46:40 Billing Meters and Monetization

51:05 Integration and Outro