Quality at Speed: More API Testing, Less UI Testing

Quality at Speed: More API Testing, Less UI Testing

Whether your company is a digital native or you’re just starting or well on your way to digital transformation, you know that your web services, mobile apps, and API programs need faster time-to-market without increasing risk.
More full-stack and backend developers as well as QA/testing, architecture, and DevOps leaders are trying to inject rocket fuel into their agile development by doing more API testing. But how much UI testing can be moved over to much faster API testing? And then, how short can you make your testing sprints with API testing?

With the right provisioning of UI, visual, and API testing, your organization can measurably improve DevOps metrics as you begin to do far more testing in much less time - without increasing on-hand IT resources.
In this webinar, Sauce Labs experts will clarify what parts of the “quality spectrum” are better covered by UI testing vs. API testing. Learn why API testing can be much faster and more reliable than UI testing, and how you can leverage API testing to achieve quality at speed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Easily extend your Selenium and Appium UI testing suite with API testing automation for much faster, more reliable functional, integration, and load/performance testing
  • Implement a CI/CD pipeline and DevOps workflows safely and securely with Sauce Labs full quality spectrum testing
  • Achieve quality at speed with significant improvements in time to market and quality to market

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