The Real-World Impact of Shift-Left

The Real-World Impact of Shift-Left

To shift or not to shift – that is the question.

If you’ve been around the software development world lately, you’ve likely heard of shift-left – the practice of integrating testing, security, and operations early in the software development lifecycle to detect issues early.
This approach is meant to be a win-win-win – saving time, money, and headaches. But is it as great in practice as it sounds in theory? In this episode, we debate the real-world benefits of shift-left and get to the heart of the issue: testing well.

Join us as we discuss:

01:15 Defining shift-left

02:00 Disadvantages of shift-left

05:50 Advantages of shift-left

06:50 Continuous testing

08:00 No-shift testing

11:00 The purpose of testing

13:00 Platform engineering

14:45 The answer to the testing debate

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