Reasons Why Cloud Migrations Fail & Ways to Succeed

Reasons Why Cloud Migrations Fail & Ways to Succeed

Apr 30, 2021

Organizations are moving big data from on-premises to the cloud, using best-of-breed technologies like Databricks, Amazon EMR, Azure HDI, and Cloudera, to name a few. However, many cloud migrations fail. Why? And, how can you overcome the barriers and succeed?

Join Chris Santiago, Director of Solution Engineering, as he describes the biggest pain points and how you can avoid them, and make your move to the cloud a success. He will cover:

  • The elements you must include in a successful cloud migration plan
  • How to find the right strategy for your cloud migration
  • Successful models for big data deployments in the cloud
  • How Unravel customers are making solid plans, meeting their goals, and saving time and money

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