Regression Testing of Performance - Alexandr Gubarev - TestComplete Community Day 2021

Regression Testing of Performance - Alexandr Gubarev - TestComplete Community Day 2021

Time is money. And sometimes bugs related to application hangs and performance degradations dissatisfy customers and businesses lose money.
When QA has automated the main test cases, it's time to think about performance as well.
This video will be useful for those who want to add performance checks to their functional tests, regardless of the type of application: Desktop, Web, Mobile, or even a web service. We will define a common approach when and for which scenarios you need to do regression performance testing, tell you about the useful features of TestComplete, learn advanced Google Sheets practices, and share recipes for quickly implementing performance checks in your tests.
This talk is based on the experience TestComplete and ReadyAPI QA teams had when we had decided to rapidly extend our test suites to protect users from performance regressions.


00:00 Speaker introduction

03:22 About regression and performance testing

04:45 Example of the case

06:04 Defining scenarios

09:28 Steps of tests

10:58 Using the Google Sheets for POC

11:53 TestComplete: aqPerfomance object

13:22 TestComplete: Time with Children in Log

15:15 TestComplete: Performance Counters monitoring

16:26 Demo: defining of the scenario

17:15 Demo: high-level steps

18:12 Demo: measuring

20:13 Demo: Google Sheets as storage

21:04 Demo: report table

22:43 Demo: creating web service on Google Sheets

24:51 Demo: how to publish your report for manager

25:22 Demo: work with web service from TestComplete

26:38 Demo: tests run

29:37 Some final words

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