Selenium and Appium are Great but...

Selenium and Appium are Great but...

On this thrilling LIVE session of 'Test Case Scenario' our esteemed host Jason Baum is accompanied by co-hosts Nikolay Advolodkin, Evelyn Coleman, and Marcus Merrell.

With special guests, open-source advocates, Diego Molina, Christian Bromann, and Titus Fortner, we explore topics such as ownership, governance, and the sustainability of open-source projects. From the widespread adoption of Selenium to the strategic involvement of nonprofit entities in ensuring project integrity, this episode is essential listening for industry professionals keen on staying at the forefront of software and automated testing frameworks.

Join us for a spirited discussion on the transformative potential of AI in development, the growing importance of browser and cloud-based testing platforms, and the pivotal role of community-driven initiatives in shaping the modern landscape of software testing.

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