Simplify Salesforce Testing with AI-Driven Codeless Tools

Simplify Salesforce Testing with AI-Driven Codeless Tools

Testing Salesforce Apps presents numerous challenges for enterprise organizations. Teams have to navigate complex architecture, integration workflows, and continuous changes in the customized SFDC implementation, as well as a wide range of different applications hosted on Salesforce Cloud. If left unchecked, these challenges can hamper critical enterprise processes like the revenue-generating Quote to Cash process.

During this webinar, you will learn how to automate functional testing and thoroughly test both the UIs and the APIs in your Salesforce applications using AutonomIQ’s AI-driven codeless tool (

We’ll discuss how Aryaka Networks, a global leader in WAN transformation solutions, uses AutonomIQ to autonomously test critical business processes like Quote to Cash in their customized Salesforce application, and we’ll show you how to streamline UI testing to improve test creation, execution, and maintenance, and easily add API testing to your strategy for better coverage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simplify the creation of your test scripts using plain English statements and a codeless studio
  • Learn how to autonomously create UI and API tests for Salesforce and integrations with other applications
  • Ensure the health of your end-to-end SFDC applications for key business processes like quote to cash

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