Steampunk: Devs Behaving Badly From a Data Perspective

Steampunk: Devs Behaving Badly From a Data Perspective

What is the role of data governance in cybersecurity? How do bad developer behaviors affect data quality? How will generative AI impact data management and security? This week, we revisit the Developers Behaving Badly Report with Lauren Maffeo, Senior Service Designer at Steampunk!
We talk about data ethics, data governance, cybersecurity, and how they all tie together.

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0:00 - Intro

1:35 - Who is Lauren Maffeo?

2:30 - Recap of Developers Behaving Badly Report 2023

5:25 - Consequences of using bad developer behaviors

6:45 - “Performative” security measures

11:07 - How data governance contributes to quality AI

13:05 - Reasons behind poor data management & governance

19:45 - Role of data governance in cybersecurity

22:17 - Standardizing parameters for data quality

26:50 - Impact of AI on data governance & security

31:36 - Black Mirror’s “Joan is Awful”

33:31 - Thoughts on generative AI

36:10 - Final remarks