Streamlining Platform Engineering and Operations to Maximize Impact

Streamlining Platform Engineering and Operations to Maximize Impact

Apr 6, 2023

Join Derric Gilling, CEO at Moesif, panel host Budha Bhattacharya, Product Evangilist at Tyk, and Kin Lane, Chief Evangilist at Postman, as they discuss streamlining platform engineering and operations to maximize impact. At this in-person Meetup at the Moesif headquarters, the panel discusses the efficiency goals that can be set within your company, the difference between DevOps and Platform Engineering, and how platform engineering can level up your organization.

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0:00 Introduction

3:00 What is Platform Engineering?

7:56 Who are the stakeholders in Platform Engineering?

10:26 Is DevOps dead? What is the next step for developer experience?

14:30 What are the problems Platform Engineering trying to solve?

19:15 At what point should you consider investing in Platform Engineering?

24:30 How do you see developer experience expanding platform engineering?

29:42 What enables people to adopt platform engineering in their organization?

33:35 Audience Question: How do you introduce changes into your processes?

40:38 What specific tools do you feel are necessary to your organization?

45:00 Closing statements