Summer School At Collaborator: Session #1 - Fortify with New Features & Functionality

Summer School At Collaborator: Session #1 - Fortify with New Features & Functionality

Jul 15, 2021

Join here for the first session of the Summer School At Collaborator webinar series focused on maximizing the features & functionality of Collaborator!

Collaborator continues to improve and grow to meet review requirements for a broad spectrum of industries and users; from small development teams, to large enterprises with thousands of users. Integrations with code repositories have been added and existing integrations refined with additional functionality. Document review has been enhanced with rendering and performance improvements, along with a new uploading option for files with different names. Collaborator also ups the ante regarding model-based development with the recent addition of review capability for Simulink models!

Process and workflow have also seen additions and enhancements. Multiple checklists per template are now possible. @Mentions and Notifications provide additional means of communication and discussion via email and within the server interface. Auto-polling makes linking new repositories effortless through periodic update checks with established webhooks integrations.

Join us as we look at many of the improvements incorporated into Collaborator during its development over the years, from early iterations, to the powerful review tool it is today.

Highlights include:

Interface, process, and workflow improvements
New integrations and repository features
Simulink review functionality

Duration: 60 minutes