Test your real-time communications application with Loadero

Test your real-time communications application with Loadero

Jul 23, 2019

Loadero simplifies creation, running and hosting of end-to-end tests for real-time communications applications. These tests will exercise all flows involved in the application and provides a way to do performance assertions.

Loadero can be used to test webRTC applications that require webcam and microphone inputs. Once the tests have finished running, webRTC statistics like jitter, latency and bandwidth are available for analysis. If certain thresholds for statistics are known, they can be enforced with post-run assertions.

Loadero can distinguish different users of a conversation and divide them into groups. For example it is possible to run different tests against host of a video conference and its attendees.

Tests can be run from 10 different locations spanned all across the globe.

Start testing today: https://loadero.com/