Testing on Mobile Devices with Location Services

Testing on Mobile Devices with Location Services

Can I change my mobile location during testing?
Why do I need to change my location?
What is the difference between GPS and Geo-IP?
Do the Location Services behave the same way on Android and iOS?
How do I handle location permission alert pop-ups?
How should I automate tests that involve location services using Appium commands?

If you need answers to questions like these, then please join us for our upcoming webinar: Testing on Mobile Devices with Location Services.
During this webinar we will be looking into location services on Android and iOS real devices, as well as emulators and simulators.

We will provide you with tips and tricks on when to change the mobile Geo-IP and when to change the mobile GPS, how to use ADB commands to enable the device location, and how to handle the location services permission alerts. We will also discuss Appium capabilities for Location Services, using GeoLocation with Appium Desktop, and more.

Key Takeaways:
Understand what Location Services are
Understand GPS compare to Geo-IP
Know the Appium commands for Location Services
The differences in the use of Location Services between Android and iOS
Learn how to automate tests that involve Location Services

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