Webinar: Explore together with the Xray Exploratory App 3

Webinar: Explore together with the Xray Exploratory App 3

Apr 16, 2024

👥 Quality is a team effort. Great software needs testers, developers, and managers working together. But often, we feel like the lone champion of quality on our team.
🔎 Join Petruta and José as they showcase the Xray Exploratory App 3 and how it brings the team together into a unified space for exploratory testing.

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💡Webinar highlights:

0:00 Introduction

01:02 What is exploratory testing?

04:00 How does exploratory testing impact your team?

05:39 How to promote exploratory testing to the team

08:34 The toolbox for exploratory testing

09:13 Know Xray Exploratory App

09:54 What's new in Xray Exploratory App 3?

10:58 Walkthrough the new features in Xray Exploratory App 3

17:55 Practical example: standalone session

23:46 How to export results

27:25 Practical example: session integrated with Xray
36:30: What you can do as an invited member

45:05 How to use charter templates in the standalone mode

46:59 How to import test cases (charters) using a CSV file - Xray integration

50:46 Opening a session from older Xray Exploratory App versions

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