[Webinar] Katalon + Selenium: Best of both worlds

[Webinar] Katalon + Selenium: Best of both worlds

Dec 19, 2022

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  • Why adopting and maintaining DIY test automation frameworks isn’t easy.
  • How Katalon platform leverages Selenium libraries.
  • Reducing manual efforts and coding prerequisites for test automation.
  • Speeding up the onboarding and training for automation beginners.
  • Testing web but also mobile, API and desktop apps in one place.

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  • Test Planning: create smart test suites, tag tests, map test data, select browsers and devices for execution, and schedule test runs all in one place with Katalon TestOps.
  • Test Authoring: easily write tests, import your Selenium projects, and get started in minutes with low-code flexibility in Katalon Studio.
  • Text Execution: execute in CLI mode and integrate with CI/CD systems using Katalon Runtime Engine and Katalon TestCloud.
  • Test Analytics: complete visibility and actionable analytics of all your automated testing with Katalon TestOps.
  • Flexible Delivery Models: SaaS, on-prem and hybrid
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Katalon is a modern and comprehensive software quality management platform. Designed to help software teams test and deliver quality digital products faster, the Katalon Platform comes with ready-to-use capabilities to plan, author, organize, execute and analyze automated tests.
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