Webinar Recording: Accelerating Cloud Data Modernization

Webinar Recording: Accelerating Cloud Data Modernization

Nov 1, 2022

As organizations seek to become more competitive, they are often looking to enrich their data sets for analytics to gain deeper insights. The data used for enrichment may include text data, machine data, image data, geospatial data, and real-time data.

This data may be high volume, highly diverse, and disparate in nature. As part of this effort, organizations are moving to cloud data platforms to store and manage this modern data.

Join TDWI Research VP Fern Halper as she hosts an expert panel with leading vendors to discuss cloud data modernization. Topics include:

  • Evolving use cases for modern data management
  • What’s different about modern data versus traditional structured data sources and how to treat modern data
  • Supporting the integration of new data types in cloud platforms
  • How cloud platforms and associated services manage modern data
  • Best practices for getting started

Webinar sponsored by Alteryx and Unravel Data

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