What Functional Tests Overlook, See It with Visual Testing

What Functional Tests Overlook, See It with Visual Testing

Organizations strive to deliver the best possible digital experience to their customers. One way to ensure this is by testing their applications, and many organizations perform functional testing to verify that the application behavior is working correctly. However, there are areas that functional testing cannot cover. This is where visual testing comes in.

Visual end-to-end testing is a complementary solution to functional testing. When testing the UI of an application, a functional test doesn’t check for data, images, elements, layouts, or styles. While the application may be behaving correctly and your functional tests are passing with flying colors, you may be overlooking broken or missing visual components. Without the added visibility of visual testing you run the risk of releasing updates with missing images or flawed layouts that can frustrate users.

So how can you be sure that your applications function and display exactly as intended? By pairing functional and visual testing, missing or broken items are caught earlier, any visual regressions are detected and flagged for review, and you can rest easy knowing your apps are running smoothly and looking their best.

In this webinar, Sauce Labs experts discuss visual end-to-end testing and how it can help detect visual regressions. You also learn how visual testing complements functional testing and how to set up your visual tests to run alongside your functional tests.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what visual testing is and how it can help detect visual regressions
  • Learn how to add visual testing to your existing functional tests
  • See how Sauce Visual works and how it can help your team move fast with confidence

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