What is a Test? The Titus Fortner Edition

What is a Test? The Titus Fortner Edition

Testing is like an operational submarine. If your tests are giving you red flags and warnings, you must pay attention to your results and adapt accordingly, or you'll sink! We’re back again to help organize and contain the wild nature of testing! Just what is testing? This time with TITUS FORTNER, a Senior Developer Experience Engineer. We’re defining “What is a test?” together, putting a stop to the foolish intricacies of testing, and who decides testing priorities? Join us as we explore and lighten up testing’s transformative impact on development.

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0:00 - Intro

1:34 - What is a test? Titus Fortner’s definition

3:04 - Evaluating a Test

5:20 - Submarine & Testing Analogy

7:50 - Relevance of old-school testing

12:33 - When is something not a test? Is there a grey area?

16:25 - Who’s responsible for testing?

19:20 - Reflecting on testing in today’s world

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