Your Test Automation Strategy is NOT Your Test Strategy

Your Test Automation Strategy is NOT Your Test Strategy

Welcome to our next electrifying episode! We’re diving into the world of software testing and exploring the intricate relationship between test automation and comprehensive test strategies. Our expert guests shed light on key differences between these strategies and the crucial role of test automation in continuous integration and continuous deployment environments.

What is the ideal ratio of automated testing to manual testing within a comprehensive test strategy? We debate the compromises between the two, the top strategies, and the risks of poor testing. Discover the reasoning behind this ratio with us!

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0:00 - Panel Introductions

2:10 - Differences between test automation and test strategy?

7:08 - Aligning your test automation with your test strategy

12:26 - Why reviewing your test strategy is important

17:44 - The ideal ratio between automated testing and test strategy

23:57 - Can overemphasis on test automation compromise your test strategy goals?

26:56 - Successful balance of manual testing and test strategy

31:40 - Tips for better development and testing strategies

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