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December 2021


Cloudera Data Engineering 2021 Year End Review

Since the release of Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) more than a year ago, our number one goal was operationalizing Spark pipelines at scale with first class tooling designed to streamline automation and observability. In working with thousands of customers deploying Spark applications, we saw significant challenges with managing Spark as well as automating, delivering, and optimizing secure data pipelines.


Recognizing Organizations Leading the Way in Data Security & Governance

The right set of tools helps businesses utilize data to drive insights and value. But balancing a strong layer of security and governance with easy access to data for all users is no easy task. Retrofitting existing solutions to ever-changing policy and security demands is one option. Another option — a more rewarding one — is to include centralized data management, security, and governance into data projects from the start.

Why a Data Lakehouse alone is not the answer to modern analytics

Can the Lakehouse meet all your analytics needs or do you need a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse working in parallel? Join us on this live stream to learn when one works better than the other, or, do you really need the combination to win? Our speakers David, Justin, and Chris will debate the different use cases and architectures to determine what is necessary for a data-driven business.

CDP on Azure: Harnessing the Power of Data Flow and Event Processing

Data is being created at an ever increasing rate and generating insights through event streams has become a critical function for businesses. How can we process this data flowing in the enterprise, evaluate, enrich and transform it, all in real time to enable fast analytics to support intelligent decision making? Join us for this session where we will look at how we can use the elastic nature of Azure to scale Data Flows and perform SQL operations in realtime on streaming data from a variety of sources.

AI and ML: No Longer the Stuff of Science Fiction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how various industries operate in recent years. But with growing demands, there’s a more nuanced need for enterprise-scale machine learning solutions and better data management systems. The 2021 Data Impact Awards aim to honor organizations who have shown exemplary work in this area.


Driving Industry Transformation Through the Use of Data

As organizations look to improve business operations and outcomes, global industries are pushing for data-driven transformation. The 2021 Cloudera Data Impact Awards recognize those organizations that have pulled ahead of the pack with efforts to leverage the power of data to improve operations and better serve their customers. The finalists in the “Industry Transformation” category are MTN, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Sberbank, and Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI).


Delivering High Performance for Cloudera Data Platform Operational Database (HBase) When Using S3

CDP Operational Database (COD) is a real-time auto-scaling operational database powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix. It is one of the main Data Services that runs on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Public Cloud. You can access COD right from your CDP console. With COD, application developers can now leverage the power of HBase and Phoenix without the overheads related to deployment and management.


How Hybrid and Cloud-Based Architectures are Unlocking the Power of Data

It takes vision, purpose, and skill to unlock the power of data. It also takes the right strategy. For ExxonMobil, Ares Trading (Merck), and the University of California San Diego (UCSD), the right strategy is taking full advantage of the cloud. All three organizations have partnered with Cloudera, leveraging a hybrid or cloud-based architecture to improve the lives of the people who depend on their organizations’ data.


In AI we trust? Why we Need to Talk About Ethics and Governance (part 2 of 2)

In part 1 of this blog post, we discussed the need to be mindful of data bias and the resulting consequences when certain parameters are skewed. Surely there are ways to comb through the data to minimise the risks from spiralling out of control. We need to get to the root of the problem. In 2019, the Gradient institute published a white paper outlining the practical challenges for Ethical AI.

Future of Data Meetup: Future of data and analytics in the Hybrid & Multi Cloud

The most valuable and transformative business use cases require multiple analytics workloads and data science tools and machine learning algorithms to run against the same diverse data sets. It’s how the most innovative enterprises unlock value from their data. Turning data into useful insights is not easy, to say the least. The workloads need to be optimised for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, delivering the same data management capabilities across bare metal, private and public clouds. In this session, we will discuss how businesses can leverage the combination of best-in-class software and public cloud to help businesses turn raw data into actionable insights, without the overheads and without compromising performance, security and governance.

Create your Private Data Warehousing Environment Using Azure Kubernetes Service

For Cloudera ensuring data security is critical because we have large customers in highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, where security is paramount. Also, for other industries like retail, telecom or public sector that deal with large amounts of customer data and operate multi-tenant environments, sometimes with end users who are outside of their company, securing all the data may be a very time intensive process.