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April 2022


A Window Into the Future of Data in Motion and What It Means for Businesses

Modern businesses have vast amounts of data at their fingertips and are acutely aware of how enterprise data strategies positively impact business outcomes. Despite this, only a handful of organisations interact with all stages of the data life cycle process to truly distill information that distinguishes future-ready businesses from the rest.


From the Ground Up: The Truth About Data Innovation

Data holds incredible untapped potential for Australian organisations across industries, regardless of individual business goals, and all organisations are at different points in their data transformation journey with some achieving success faster than others. To be successful, the use of data insights must become a central lifeforce throughout an organisation and not just reside within the confines of the IT team. More importantly, effective data strategies don’t stand still.

Commerzbank | Unleashing Hidden Data Treasures for Customers

Like many financial institutions, Commerzbank was challenged with staying flexible to meet customer needs, while also meeting regulatory compliance. In this Movers & Makers, Justyna Lebedyk, Product Owner in Big Data for Commerzbank, talks about how their digital transformation with the hybrid cloud and Cloudera allowed them to overcome this challenge.

Data In Motion: NASA and Aurica

Some 300 million years ago, Earth had one continent called Pangea. Over millions of years, that vast single land mass broke up and drifted in different directions, creating the seven continents that exist today. Since the planet changed so dramatically over millennia, it raises an obvious question: How will it change in the future? The same forces, plate tectonics and continental drift, that broke up Pangea hundreds of millions of years ago still exert themselves.


Space-Based AI Shows the Promise of Big Data

At a distance of a million miles from Earth, the James Webb Space Telescope is pushing the edge of data transfer capabilities. The observatory launched Dec. 25 2021 on a mission to look at the early universe, at exoplanets, and at other objects of celestial interest. But first it must pass a rigorous, months-long commissioning period to make sure that the data will get back to Earth properly. Mission managers provided an update Feb.


Why Can't we Advance Healthcare and Life Sciences this Fast all the time?

Vaccine development became the top priority for the life sciences industry – delivering new vaccines at unprecedented speed and maneuvering large-scale production processes. Numerous factors helped accelerate the vaccine roll-out including prior research, genome sequencing, jumping the FDA approval queue and a plethora of testing volunteers. So now that we’ve experienced these advancements, how can the industry keep momentum to speed-up innovative solutions across healthcare?