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June 2021

Ecommerce analytics 101: The ultimate guide

To grow your eCommerce business ahead of your competitors you need to rely on analytics. Ecommerce analytics is the compass that replaces your gut feelings as you scale your e-shop to higher grounds and more online sales. In this ultimate guide to eCommerce analytics we will look at: What is eCommerce analytics? Why is eCommerce analytics crucial for the success of your store? What are the best metrics and KPIs to track for eCommerce?

Looking for an ETL tool? Stop. Right. Here.

You have started your data journey. You know you need to somehow collect data from various sources and land them into a data warehouse or data lake of some sort. Right now you’re browsing tools and calculating costs - there’s one for extraction, another one for transformations, there’s an ETL tool. What if we told you there’s a better way?

Get control over your data pipelines with data orchestration

Enterprises are tapping and leveraging big data to get ahead of the competition. As Peter Sondergaard, ex-Executive Vice President at Gartner said: The problem with the combustion engine is that it does not scale well. As companies grow, the data platforms they previously relied on for analytics start to break apart.