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12 Reasons for Using Kotlin for Android App Development

Are you looking for a new language to develop your Android application? If so, then Kotlin may be a perfect choice! Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed programming language designed to be used with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It has been gaining popularity recently and is now supported by Google as a preferred language for Android app development. It is used by more than 9.6% of developers to build Android apps (source).


Klocwork 2022.1 Launches Kotlin Analysis Engine

A key component of the latest release of Klocwork is the launch of the Kotlin analysis engine, which greatly enhances the static analysis and SAST tool’s offerings. In addition, the release includes a number of other significant improvements that greatly enhance the tool’s performance and functionality. Here, we provide an overview of the new analysis engine.


Writing your scripts in Java and Kotlin with Bitrise

If you are familiar with Bitrise you probably already used the Script Step to do something in your CI workflow. There are multiple options for the language of your script, by default it is a bash script, but the description of the step also mentions Go, Ruby or Python. Although it does not mention Java or Kotlin, I will show you in the next few minutes how to do it!

Automating Contract-Centric Experiences to Accelerate Front End Development

This Kong Summit 2020 session focuses on the war stories, and subsequently the patterns HyperCurrent employed, from building an API chargeback/monetization product using OAS, Kotlin, Spring Boot and Kong. We will discuss how a programmatic approach can be used to deliver an elegant REST-ful API while enforcing an anti-corruption layer for domain logic without writing API contracts by hand. By using Kotlin and Spring Boot along with a controller/DTO approach, we can automatically produce an OAS contract, HTML docs, a console and a client side SDK.

How to Debug a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile App From Scratch

Kotlin Multiplatform apps are a great option for big projects. They allow us to unify the business logic under a Kotlin module while using the latest perks of each platform’s individual UI, significantly reducing development costs. Debugging in Kotlin Multiplatform is easy, as you can use typical tools like adding breakpoints and printing logs in the console – and in Bugfender. Continue reading for a full tutorial. KMM stands for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.