Agile & DevOps are Not Just a Fad: Master Test Automation with Reggie Moore

Agile & DevOps are Not Just a Fad: Master Test Automation with Reggie Moore

Jun 21, 2018

Join Reginald "Reggie" Moore, QE Director at OptumRX at UnitedHealth Group, as he walks through how he used TestComplete as his test automation tool of choice to enable agile and DevOps.

Adopting an agile framework can seem particularly daunting due to its intrinsic demand to consistently test and frequently release quality products. Development teams move too fast to rely on traditional testing techniques. Understanding where to get started and how to overcome some of the common challenges when integrating with a continuous deployment pipeline can ease some of the pain when optimizing agile testing in your organization.

Learn from a real-world use case on how to take your test automation practices to the next level with techniques like distributed testing and building upon a Selenium-based test framework.

Reggie has over 20 years of experience in software testing, QA project management and software development initiatives that directly contribute to the successful delivery of his company’s database, web and client-server application products.

Join the webinar to learn how to:

  • Get started with agile testing with test automation frameworks
  • Tackle common challenges when integrating testing into a CI/CD pipeline
  • Build upon a Selenium-based framework with TestComplete
  • Achieve full test coverage with distributed testing